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My talent is in cook, especially latin food my plate favotiro is the takari de chivo, and I do special moments
Rob Cohen
released Date:
Usa 18 June 2001. (premiere)

- Action - Undercover - Car - Toyota supra
- Crime - Police - Video game - Skyline
- Thriller - Undercover cop - Bikini
- Street Racing - Undercover police - Altered Version of studio logo

- If you have what it takes... You can have it all.
- If loyalties ust be broken, If the lines umst be crossed, do it fast, do if Furious.
- When the sun goes down, another world comes to life.
- Live life 1/4 miles at a time.


An Undercover cop infiltrates an underworld subculture of los Angeles street racers looking to bust a hijacking ring, and soon begins to question his loyalties when his new street racing friends become the prime suspects.


- Paul Walker -> Brian O'Conner
- Vin Diesel -> Dominic Toretto

Dominic Toretto's black muscle car is a 1970 Dodge charger with a 528ci supercharged hemi and four speed transmission. this charger is the same body style (although one year newer) as the famous 1969 dodge charger "General Lee" of the "The dukes of Hazzard" (1979) television series. after the filmingof the crash at the end of the film, the same 1970charger wound up in the opening scenes of herbies fully loaded (2005) as a car in the junkyard.


COnversation # 1

Brian: what was the deal back there
Dom: It's a long story
Brian: We have a twenty mile hike. Humor me.
Dom: A business deal that went sour. 4plus i made the mistake of sleeping with his sister.

Written by Ja rule (as J. Atkins), Irv Gotti (as I. Lorenzo). R.wilson, O. Miller
Perfomed by a Ja Rule featuring vita and 01.
Ja Rule appears courtesy of def Jam/Murder Inc. Records.
Vita appears courtesy of Murder Inc. Records.
Review in the movie:

It will expedite you for 90 minutes into a world where Honda's are souped up to look like Dragons and junkyard scraps are rebuilt from scratch to be better than they were before, better, stronger and faster. If this film appealed to you in the commercial, it will appeal to you on the screen.

And of course there is Vin Diesel. He first made a name for himself in Saving Private Ryan where he played Capparrzo. Then he jumped onto the scene with his excellent and grandiose turn as Riddick in Pitch Black. I think this is the film that got him noticed because no one had even heard of him before this. Then he did Boiler Room and he showed a different side to him. But F&F is all muscle and sheer bravado. I think Vin is going to do great things in the years to come.

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A) These People want to change. Complete each sentence with a verb from the box. Some Verbs can be used more than once.
1) I want to change my style.
- your should get a haircut.

2) I want to change in shape .
- your should join a gym .
- your should lose weight .
- your should quit smoking

3) I can´t pay my bills!
- Your should more money.
- Your should a better job.

4) I want to be more outgoing.
- You should join a club

B) Read the questions. Then circle the correct words to complete each answer.

1) What do you usually do on the weekend?
I like to relax

2) Why is pedro studying japanese?
He likes to learn languages

3) Why are you studying for the TOEFL exam?
I like to study in the united states

4) What's your new year's resolution?
I'd like to get in shape

5) How was your vaation to brazil?
we'd like to visit again

6) Do you parents both work?
Yes, but they'd like to retire soon

C) write sentences about yourself. Start each with I like to or I'd like to.

1) Name something you like to do in your free time.
I like to play baseball

2) Name something you'd like to do in you life.
buy a car

3) Name a tv show you like to watch.
I like to two and a half men

4) Name a movie you'd like to see.
I'd like to see avatar

5) Name one place tourists like to visit in your city
i like to visit the sun park

6) Name one thing you'd like to change about your city.
I'd like to change the public transport

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Welcome to my blog

Hello world.
Hi, there! My name’s Atilio Matos. I’m from Maracaibo, originally. I live in Maracaibo. I’m 17 years old and I study industrial engineering at URBE . My favorite subjects are mathematics, and English.

I love music, playing soccer, cook, hang out with my friends, stay with my family. I hate smoking.

About English, I love to learn new languages. English is very important. I can write well, but I need to practice more. The most difficult for me is speaking. I need to practice. I like to speak portuguese too, I can write very well.
well, this has been a little bit about me. Now, you know me a little better. Please, I want to make friens.. woourld you be my friend? if you do.. leave a comment.

good day!